The answer is YES and I will explain why!

“Do I have to be the face of my business?” is a question that most business owners will ask themselves, and one that I get asked often as a marketing and ideas strategist. 

Being the face of your business or brand allows you to build that connection with your audience; it makes your brand more familiar, approachable, and authentic. If you are able to control your brand’s image and the narrative around your story, that puts you in an incredibly powerful position to connect and attract the right people you want to work with.

We all start somewhere as the face of our business journey. If you head back into my video and photo history, you will see some fails for sure, but they got me to be a little more comfortable on camera and happy to share my flaws and knowledge all at the same time.

And while we are on the flaws, we often see our ideal clients never notice. So get out there and share your videos.

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[0:07] Do I have to put my face out there?
[0:17] Hesitations on why people don’t want to put themselves out there
[0:35] From experience, my brand started growing the moment I put myself out there
[0:54] My first few videos starting out
[1:16] We all start somewhere
[1:36] Ninety of our clients see the person they want to connect with.
[1:54] We are in the world of social media, so we have to communicate.
[2:32] It’s that personal connection that clients are seeking
[2:35] From personal experience on Business, Business, Business
[3:11] You become part of your brand.
[3:33] As a challenge, create a piece of yourself putting yourself out there
[3:58] Share your experience in the comments.

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