Marketing and ideas are my superpowers and I lend them to you when you work with me.

Ideas make the world go round, or at least my world which is why I love what I do.

Marketing is full of ideas, as is education and course creation, and lucky for me I get to combine both my loves in what I do here and via the projects I lead at Enever Group.

I love working with business owners like you to educate your market and take your ideas to market. 

I help you find your point of difference, perfect your image and build your profile, through the power of ideas and educating your market.

Working with business owners and educators just like you is what I do.

Gone are my corporate days, now I work in jeans and help you take your ideas to market, through courses, coaching, and consulting.

Ways We Can Work Together

I love working with business owners to bring their marketing and ideas to life through courses, coaching and strategies. Here are just some of the ways we can work together.

Market With Me

Ideas and Marketing go hand in hand and I love helping business owners come up with ideas and marketing strategies to market themselves and their business.

Whether that is through consulting, coaching or courses and the Marketing Circle, helping you market your business makes my heart sing and I love setting my ideas brain into action for you and your business.

The team and I at Enever Group will even do your marketing with you.

Learn With Me

Yes, that is right I will teach you what I do! Through courses at the Enever Group Business Academy, Workshops, Challenges, and Working Days, I share my marketing knowledge with you so you can use it in your business.

My Marketing Circle members get to learn with me regularly as we meet via Zoom twice a month.

There is also my eBook Library you can learn from too. Teaching is my passion.

Teach With Me

I started teaching dance at 14 and then went on to study teaching at ACU. To pay my way through uni, I joined a marketing team.

Now my two loves are combined as a Thinkific Approved Expert and the Founder of The Course Creators Circle. Through the Course Creators Circle and my coaching, I get to share my passion for education. 

I love helping course creators teach what they know to educate their market and enjoy the results.

Strategise With Me

As an Ideas person, I love helping others come up with ideas and implement them. 

You can strategise your idea with me and, together, we’ll find ways to implement it into your business and life, tapping into my years of knowledge systems and tools.

Marketing, Course Creation, systems and how-to are all things we can discuss in a strategy session or coaching program.

The Projects I Lead

As part of what we do at Enever Group, I get to lead some amazing projects as well as help you create yours. Here are just a few of the projects I work on.

Market Your Business with me in the Marketing Circle

The Marketing Circle is my inner circle where Marketing is our focus.

We have a Facebook group and marketing courses that you can take at your own pace.

We meet twice a month online for Marketing How To and Q&A sessions.

Business Business Business is where we talk Business

We started Business Business Business as a group and community where we can get together as business owners and share the journey.

You will see me around BBB hosting Skills Webinars, leading our Facebook group, and helping business owners like you Learn, Connect, Network and Do.

Create Courses with me in the Course Creators Circle

As a Thinkific approved expert and a natural educator, I love sharing my know-how when it comes to course creation and marketing.

In the Course Creators Circle we talk about course creation in our group, I share our process and we even have our own podcast.

Goodies to help you Educate Your Market

One of the perks of having a head full of ideas, is turning them into reality and products that will help others. From the Business Life Planner, my Books & The Marketing Decks right through to products that sum up business life, you can find them all in my shop.

Marketing, Ideas, & Course Creation Tips From Me

Sharing my knowledge is a passion of mine; I really love it. Tips From Me is full of tips from my blog, podcasts and video series.

Create Content Outlines for Your Blogs, Videos and Podcasts in Minutes with Bramework

Create Content Outlines for Your Blogs, Videos and Podcasts in Minutes with Bramework

Content is king of the digital world. Yes, that still stands true to this day. Content drives traffic to your website, generates leads, and improves conversion rates.

But content that can achieve all that requires an amount of work and consistency. This is where most content creators run into several roadblocks.

When you’re creating blogs and other content regularly, it can often feel like you are repeating the same information over and over; and there are only so many ways you can say the same thing.

It’s not unusual to experience writer’s block, whether you’re a professional writer or writing for your own business but what if we could generate content outlines in minutes to inspire us?

We can with Bramework. 

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Public Relations Plan in Place

7 Reasons Why You Need a Public Relations Plan in Place

Public relations is all about consistency. You need to consistently reach out to the media to have your story told, and you need to consistently identify stories within your business and brand which you can share with the media.

The key to creating that consistency is having a comprehensive PR plan, which looks at the topics you can cover within your business, the key dates when you should release content, and the possible external events you can react to as part of a public relations strategy.

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The secret to crafting the perfect press release

The secret to crafting the perfect press release

When it comes to working with the media and raising your brand profile, press releases are the tool of choice.

And the aim of the game is simple, a press release is intended to quickly attract the media’s attention and showcase a story they feel compelled to tell.

That said, there’s a knack to writing any release in a way that piques the media’s interest about a topic they feel is relevant to their audience.

So here’s a quick insight into the secrets of crafting the perfect press release.

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How to Gather your Brand Voice

How to Gather your Brand Voice

From your website to your marketing and communication with customers, every brand has a voice that helps reveal that organisation’s personality, tone and ethos.

And that voice should be consistent, offering an insight into who the business is, what they stand for and what dealing with them is like. But how exactly do you find that voice and use it?

Here’s how to gather your company’s voice and let your brand personality shine through.

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Contact Me

I would love to help you take your ideas to market. All relationships start with a conversation, so the best way for us to start ours is for you to book a discovery call with me.

However if you prefer email we can start with you adding your details below.


What Others Say About Me

They say it is what others say about you when you are not in the room that matters. So enough about me from me, I will let these great people tell you what they think.

In the world of media and communications, Linda truly stands out from the crowd. She cares deeply about what she does, and not only has an excellent understanding of all facets of media, but is also at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape.  As a journalist, I liaise with hundreds of media and communication professionals – Linda is in a league of her own.

Kristy Mayer

Journalist, 7 News

Linda Reed-Enever really helped me to nut out my messaging in a brainstorming session with her. She’s really good at seeing where your business needs a boost, what your niche is and always comes up with great ideas on how to fix problems. In just one session with Linda my messaging improved so much that I was able to complete my landing page messaging with ease and received 2 enquiries based on some video content I produced based on the information in that session. So thanks Linda!

Athena Ali

Career Strategist, The Get Noticed Coach

Knowledge, Business Know-How, and Passion would be the three phrases/words I would use to describe Linda! It’s these three traits which make her a dream to work with. Since working on our first JV marketing campaign we saw a huge uptake and from there I’ve never looked back! So glad I’ve got the opportunity to work with you! Keep rocking it Linda!

Paddy McGill

Partner Manager, Restream

Linda is not only a fountain of knowledge, but she is a kicker of butts (in the best possible way). Since I met her last year I have tried new things in my business that I never dreamed I’d be able to do. Her course helped me write my first press release, and the support from Linda and the like-minded community of The Marketing Circle has been a huge boost for my business. Online meetings with the Circle are never dull, packed with information and encouragement.

Dawn Lewis

Professional Crafter, Dawnlewis.com

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