Marketing Your Course Through Content Replay

Part of creating a course is marketing your course and as much as we would love to think the build it and they will come theory will work for us, the reality is you’ll spend a lot of time on marketing and creating material for marketing purposes.

Marketing a course needs us to be seen, be accessible, and be the expert that people want to learn from and by tapping into content marketing we can educate our market and lead them to our courses.

In this session, we explored marketing your course and looked at ways you can use content to lead people to your courses we focused on:

  • Being Seen
  • Being the Expert
  • Being Searchable
  • Being Accessible
  • Being a Source
  • And Being Excellent
We explored the options of using webinars, freebies, and options to lead to your course and the importance of having multiple ways of people getting to know you, your teaching style and what they will learn from you.
The Tools Shown and Mentioned were
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