Make your content stand out with great visuals!

You have written a great article or release and now is the time to let your content shine so make sure it stands out with some great visuals too.
We live in a very visual world and now days it is often the image that catches the reader’s attention first, so you want to make it say read me!
Now I know you may be saying;  that is easier said that done Linda, and in the past that was true but today we have some great online tools that can help us make our images stand out and here are my 3 current favourites to name a few:

Canva – How I love Canva!

I was lucky enough to be invited to use Canva in the beta phases and I am so happy I did!
It has been great to watch Canva grow and use it in my own PR and Marketing journey. Using Canva you can create great images, collages and more for your blogs, social media and website. (The sliders and store images for the Linda Reed-Enever website were all created with Canva)
Canva make design fun simple and easy they have opened up design to the average user with great tool and easy to follow templates and customising tools, the more you use it the more creative you will become.

Here are just 3 amazing this you can do with Canva to make your content POP today:

  1. Create a custom Facebook, Twitter and G+ Cover image.
  2. Create some great blog/article images to go with your next blog post using their easy templates.
  3. Create an amazing cover image for the latest proposal you are doing

The create thing is with Canva the templates are all there, all you need to do is start creating great visuals!
Upload your images and start creating:

Tagul – create great word clouds:

I love a word cloud it is a great way to share your message visually and with words and Tagul is my favourite world cloud creator. I have created word clouds for everything from blog posts to gifts using Tagul and you can too:

Why not create a word cloud for your business:

  1. Pick 3 words that describe your business
  2. Add your business name
  3. And then add your services
  4. Pick your fonts and colours and then you are done.

Tagul makes words come to life as a great visual to add to a blog post, ad or social media callout!

QuotesCover – visualise the quotes you share:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all love a great quote and with QuotesCover you can brand and make your quotes stand out. The ThoughtSpot team and I have been using QuotesCover for just over a year now and the effects are great.
QuotesCover offers you a rage of quotes to choose from our you can jump right in and create your own!
A picture really does say a 1000 words if not more so why not help your content stand out with a visual or two.

Over to you: Do you have a great visual tool you use?


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  1. Linda Reed-Enever

    PS for those who follow me on Instagram did you notice I shared the creating of a visual in the lead up to this post?


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