How Create an Online Event on Facebook using the New Facebook Online Event Feature

This week Facebook introduced the new online event feature so that with COVID-19 we can create online events and share them through Facebook. In this episode of Ask Linda, I walk you through how you can create an online event on your Facebook Page.



  1. Senia

    Hi Linda,
    I was wanting to create an online event for my Facebook page, as my country (Denmark) has entered another lockdown. But it simply does not seem to be an option – I can only create “normal” events. On one of the other Facebook pages I am administrating there is no problem creating an online event. Do you have a guess as to what the problem is? Thanks a lot for your help,
    Best wishes, Senia (from the organisation, Studerende og Sorg)

    • Linda Reed-Enever

      Senia Facebook can be a bit funny like that one page has a feature and the others don’t. I can’t really provide a tip other than to say maybe try using a tool like Eventbrite and adding the event that way


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