Digital Marketing with your Email Signature

Email is something we send and receive every day in business and your email signature is like your business card, providing an important part of your brand and presenting a great opportunity to market and promote what you do.

Your email signature is more than a sign-off and contact details, so what should be included?


Your logo is your brand and the visual cue that people connect with your business, so make sure you use it in your email to capture the attention of the visual reader, and reinforce your professional image.


A Tagline is an extension of your business name, for example at Media Connections we use “Connecting Media and Business”, and for Business Business Business we employ “Learn Connect Network Do”.
A Tagline provides the email recipient with a further explanation about what your business does and presents a clearer picture of who you are.


It may sound obvious but contact details are key to a potential client being able to reach you, so make sure they are clearly featured in all correspondence, including your email signature, with your email, website and phone number among the critical details.
The last thing you want is for a potential client to have to go trawling through documents and opening attachments to access your contact information because if you make it hard, they simply won’t bother.


Social media is a great way for a prospective client to connect with you if they want to follow what you do. It also allows them to see how you operate without feeling the need for commitment, so make sure the channels you use are included in your signature, allowing your prospects and customers to connect.



Accreditations and awards add to your credibility so if you have them and they are current, make sure you add them to your signature.


One of the tools that we use in the office is Wisestamp for emails as it makes the branding and set-up easy. It also allows for us to pull in the latest blog post for our feed or add a special offer to our signature, giving us one more opportunity to connect with our email recipient.

Take a few minutes to review your email signature, is it marketing you as well as it could be?


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