Create Screencasts to Market your Business

Screencasting is a great way to market your business, especially if you are an online business, or wish to demonstrate how to do something to your customers.

What is a screencast video?

Essentially, screencasting is recording your computer screen and adding audio to it.
Screencast programs usually highlight your cursor to make it clear to your viewers where the focus of attention should be and gives them a visual how-to which can be easier for them to understand.
However, they are not limited to the ‘how to’s’ of the screen. You can record powerpoint presentations that you might usually give face to face, with a voice-over and add them to YouTube, show off a manuscript for a new book or even new product proofs. So, this week we look at ideas for what you can screencast in your business!

There are several key benefits of creating screencasts for your business:

  • Viewers can replay and pause at any section as many times as they need.
  • You can use a range of media: Screencasting can incorporate audio, music, text and images. This gives your viewer a range of learning methods and options.
  • Low cost, compared to animation or live action explainer videos, screencasting is friendlier on the business budget
  • Anyone can do it. Screencasting- it’s very easy to pick up.

Ideas for Screen recordings for your business:

  1. A tour of your website and the helpful areas your clients or prospective clients may not yet know about.
  2. Your Sales Presentations – you have created them so make the most of them by sharing them on Youtube, Facebook etc. You can even use them in proposals with tools like Proposify to make your proposals stand out.
  3. Introduce a new section of your website, like we did with Business Tools here
  4. If you are writing a book or putting out a tool or an eBook that people can download, why not create a screencast to give customers a little taste?
  5. If you have an online store, take your customers through the purchase experience so that they know where to go and feel comfortable.

Screencastify is my tool of choice for creating screencasts of your PC and they have an amazing list of 24 tips to help you get started (my suggested reading this week!)
For Apple & Android users, there is an awesome screencasting tool called AZ Screen Recorder that will record what you are doing on your phone screen, ready to share. You can see AZ in action in this video

So, what will you screencast in your business this week?

Note: This post does contain an affiliate link, however that does not affect my recommendation of the tools listed for screencasting in your business


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