Work Out Loud to Find Your Next Release Idea!

Often as business owners we get so tied up in our businesses that we forget to celebrate and share our achievements and news with the media.
Think along the lines of working out loud. This concept was coined by John Stepper and encourages people and businesses to talk about what they are currently working on through social media, post-it notes or just by chatting about it.

This promotes more efficiency and happiness at work as people get connected with others who can share, promote and help them through their work, forming new collaborations and networks.
The same applies when looking for release ideas within your business. “Work Out Loud” and share what you are doing with the media so they get to “know” you!

  • Are you releasing a new product or range? – Share with the media what it is, what makes it special and why you are launching it. Alternatively, you could test the waters by asking for feedback on your ideas through social media.
  • Have you been nominated for or won an award? – Be your own champion and shout about it! After all, it is award season so now is a great time to boost your credibility by sharing your award news. Why not send links to other competitions you are in the running for or publicise your other products to give your business more exposure?
  • What if you have been planning an event for months and the big day is just around the corner? Perhaps it’s just a coffee morning or a simple workshop, no matter what it is invite the media along to see you in action! Likewise, local newsrooms love local stories so if you are doing something good locally shout about it!
  • Are you a travel or tourism business?  Get creative and put together a special media tour package with everything from photos to videos to showcase what you do.
  • Share Your Story.  You might not think it’s very interesting, or perhaps the road of your business history is paved with all sorts of weird and wonderful stories. Get them out there and share them, you never know – your story could inspire someone else!
  • Cheer on your employees.  Share any successes or triumphs, no matter how big or small, in a release. They’ll be happier and in turn, so will you!
  • Is this your client’s busy season?  Share some tips on how your services can make their life easier. They will thank you for putting them first!
  • Do people know what you do?  Education is a great way to attract media attention, why not explain what it is you do and why it works. Keep it simple and let people know whenever you update a service or procedure and keep abreast of industry happenings by keeping active socially – people trust businesses who are transparent and on the ball!

So what is your Working Out loud release idea?


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