What Makes a Great Tweet

Twitter is a fast-paced and engaged community of passionate users, and worth considering tapping into. It is quick and passionate, with instant engagement among its subscribers that’s why it’s one of the most used platforms for news. Journalists give real-time updates on breaking news stories via Twitter. In this podcast, we’ll talk about what makes a great tweet.
Twitter is the original short-form content platform, but there’s only so much you can say in 240 characters. The value of the message, however, is as significant as the way you deliver it to your audience.
But with the fast-paced environment of Twitter, some business owners find it overwhelming. So how do you effectively use it for your business?

What Makes a Great Tweet?

  • Keep it simple. With only 240 characters, you have to keep your message concise and straight to the point. Make sure it doesn’t confuse people so that you get a higher chance to be re-tweeted. Enhance the tweet. Adding a video, image, or link to an article that relates to tweets provides more content and context for the tweet.
  • Tone and style. Have a conversation with your Twitter audience. Build that human to human connection even if it’s just as short as a tweet. Avoid the jargon when possible to avoid confusion.
  • Call to action. Make it easy for your audience to re-tweet your messages or share your posts. Create an engagement with your audience
  • Use hashtags correctly. Hashtags are synonymous with Twitter, so it’s worth doing your research to understand how they’re being used and which are most closely related to your products and services. Use a tool like Hashtagify, DisplayPurposes or MissingLettr to identify hashtags most closely related to your target keywords and those used in relation to them.

Build and Optimise Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is not as scary as it is ought to be. With the right tools, you can use Twitter to connect and engage with your audience.
So go ahead, sign up for a Twitter account if you haven’t already, build your profile, and start sharing and engaging with your audience. Here’s your Twitter to-do list:
  • Optimise your profile if you have not already earlier in the challenge
  • Follow leaders and key stakeholders in your field
  • Let your people know you are on Twitter
  • Engage with those people you follow
  • Retweet a few tweets
  • Install Twitter on your phone so you can make it part of your day
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[0:00] Introduction
[0:25] What makes a great tweet?
[0:35] What is Twitter?
[0:40] How Twitter is being used in news
[1:10] Why journalists come to Twitter for stories
[1:35] Considerations for writing your tweets
[1:50] Keeping things simple
[2:15] How to extend your 240 character limit
[2:30] Twitter is the original short-form content platform
[2:45] Keep your jargon out of your tweets
[2:55] Tone and style of your tweets
[3:20] Remember that tweets move fast
[3:40] Call to action
[4:25] Hashtags using Hashtagify, Display Purposes, Rytetag
[4:40] What do hashtags do?
[5:00] Using a tool called Missinglettr to share and curate content on Twitter
[5:35] A Twitter to-do list to build and optimise your profile
[6:30] Twitter is not as scary as it is ought to be
[6:45] A recap and tying it all together
[6:55] Find me on Twitter @lindareedenever
[7:00] Subscribe for the next podcast episode

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