Megan is the Tech Guru and go to girl I asked her some questions on the branding for Tech Coach HQ. Megan has been presenting, delivering training, coaching individuals and groups since 2006 within the areas of technology in the workplace. She understands the diversity of learners that is within a workplace and has varied delivery methods to suit all clients. Please suggest your own workshop content based on your needs or company’s needs.

What does your brand mean to you?

Tech Coach HQ means where you can come and get support for using technology. Ultimately, I want Tech Coach HQ to represent ’empowering individuals and business owners to embrace using technology and to simplify the process’. For me, the learning is about the journey and also helping people to upskill or learn new skills in the process.

Did you know the personality of your brand before you created it?

There were common elements what ‘Tech Coach HQ’s brand was, but now the concept of Tech Coach HQ is much more cemented. Just like when you have an idea and that is all it is (and then as time goes on it becomes more concrete). The real personality behind in the brand is my concept of adult learning and using technology. It’s not just about the gadget and it’s ensuring that all those I teach or speak in front of have a better understanding about the learning journey with tech.

If your brand was a person who would it be?

Someone who is wise, patient will walk that extra mile to help somebody. Passionate, energetic, definitely a teacher…. Female…

Has your brand changed or grown since you started in business?

Definitely. I think…Any business will evolve over time and that is just the nature of it. I think I have a lot more clarity coming up to the one year anniversary of the business just because I was in a totally different industry before really going into business.

What is the message that your brand conveys?

This is something I am still working on….it’s sometimes challenging just because not many people have heard of ‘Technology Coaching’ before and the other thing is I am still working on my tagline to really share what the brand is.

What do the colours of your brand mean to you?

Red- is always a powerful colour and for me it was something that had to stand out. In colour psychology, it means energetic, passionate and that describes the brand.

What is your tip for business owners creating their brand?

Have an idea party with the people who really support you and practice the pitch for your brand…(and there are even some fantastic apps to help with that). Often you have to have it clear in your mind otherwise verbally it won’t come out clear. Look at colour psychology and branding and see what you resonate towards (and the emotions it often brings people), not just what colours you personally like. Even the brand name, run surveys to see who your target markets are and see how they respond..

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