Creating Marketing Consistency – eBook


Creating marketing consistency is essential for your company if you want to achieve an important goal when establishing your identity in the market. Whether it is your brand or content, consistency is very important – the tone you use, the look you create, and how you show up to engage with your audience.

Being consistent in marketing brings you more business. That means committing your resources, time, and strategic efforts towards your marketing campaign. The more consistent your marketing efforts are, the better your branding process will be

As logical as it is to maintain this consistency, it’s undeniable how challenging it can be. It demands continuous efforts, always respecting the concept you have set out to build.

In this eBook by Ideas and Marketing Strategist Linda Reed-Enever, you’ll learn how to develop a marketing strategy that will consistently create a brand and image that is recognisable, while building the “know, like, and trust” factor that sets you apart from others in your marketplace.

In this ebook, you will learn how to:

  • Learn the basic definition of consistency when it comes to your marketing
  • Establish visual, brand, planning, timing, and engagement consistency
  • How to consistently engage with your audience
  • Develop a consistent marketing strategy that will pay off for your business

We’ve all heard the phrase, “consistency is key.” That’s because consistency is basically the key to success, especially marketing. Marketing consistency is the company’s ability to maintain communication and positioning in line with its values and the elements that make up its identity. 

Creating Marketing Consistency eBook is your expert how-to guide so that your marketing becomes a habit, establishing a brand, regularly touching base with your audience, and engaging with them in authentic two-way communication. 


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