Working Mum and Business woman Linda Reed-Enever shares her Family and Business Planner. As a working mum Linda knows what it is like to struggle with the demands or work kids family and friends and admits without planning she cannot fit it all in.

It was in talking with clients that Linda realised that her Family and business Planner would be useful to others and as such Linda has released it to the world to share.

The Family and Business Planner a useful new tool and is helping a families just like Linda’s to manage their work and family easily.

“The Family and Business Planner is helpful for all working women who wish to ease the chaos and create some work life balance” Linda says “I recently admitted on Facebook that when my daughter started school I set a reminder on my phone” she added “and people were surprised because they thought I was so organised and didn’t need to.”

It was moments like these that led Linda to share the tool she had been using the Family and Business planners she created for herself.

‘The Family and Business Planner’ include detailed timetables and plans including a daily time schedule, personal planner, meal planning, a family planner and a printable to do lists.”

The Family and Business Planner is available for download at:

About Linda

Linda leads the teams at Media Connections and ThoughtSpot PR. She is an author as well as the presenter of ‘Family and Business Planner.’ She also works as a Media and Marketing Coach.