Marketing with Impact: Putting the Unity Back in Community

As business leaders, when we are able to reinvest into our communities and the people in them that we serve, wonderful things happen.

Community is a part of business life, from our teams to clients, students to suppliers, communities are all around us, so it is important that we communicate with them that leaves them feeling in sync with you and your brand.

All community platforms are either a social post or a text-based chat, which leads to poor engagement, low connection, and tragic retention. In this Marketing Impact Session with Founder Josh Little, we talked about Volley, a new kind of community platform powered by video messaging.

Volley takes the richness of talking with the flexibility of texting, or as Josh sometimes like to call it “video texting,” letting the conversation unfold naturally, how and when it needs to.

For course creators, it is a handy way to support your students to use in Q&A sessions and thereby adding a second price point for your courses. For coaches, like myself, it is an amazing way to support your clients in between sessions.

In this Marketing with Impact Session, Josh and I talked about Conversational Learning, how Volley can help facilitate that learning process and some used cases where Volley is applied effectively.


Highlights from our Conversation

[1:10] Introducing Josh Little, Founder of Volley
[2:05] Why Volley was created
[5:15] Cases for using Volley for course creators and coaches
[6:30] The conversational learning experience
[8:05] How Volley can facilitate conversational learning among teachers and students
[9:10] Conversational learning applied in Education Marketing and other aspects in business
[11:20] Walkthrough on the Volley app with Josh
[11:35] Channels and conversations in Volley
[13:05] The timeline in Volley
[14:00] 60% of content on Volley are video Volleys
[15:00] Volley illustrated: How it was used at a dance party spontaneously
[15:40] How quickly human connection can happen in a product like Volley
[17:25] Learn Volley space
[18:25] How to sign up in Volley
[20:00] Used cases how you can use Volley within your community
[20:50] Using Volley from a small business point of view
[23:30] Using Volley in hiring
[24:00] How Marketing Circle members are using Volley for Marketing
[25:10] Using Volley to get client testimonials
[27:00] Final takeaway on how you can use video conversations for your community and how Volley can facilitate that conversation
[27:50] The two best-used cases for Volley that guarantees success
[29:00] Learn how Volley can be used for your business

Volley with Us

If you want to give Volley a try and see how it can work for your business, Learn Volley with Us or if you want to send me some questions or just say hello, you can talk to me on Volley.

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