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I really love helping you market your business and we can do that together in a number of ways, either as a coach where I work with you, as a consultant where the Enever Group Team and I help you with your Marketing, or via the Marketing Circle and my Courses.

I have picked up my marketing know-how over 20 years in the industry, and on any given day you’ll find me sharing this knowledge through one-on-one mentoring, courses, webinars, training, and useful tools and resources to support business owners to market their business.


Ways to Market with Me


I love working with business owners like you to educate your market and take your ideas to market.

I help you find your point of difference, perfect your image and build your profile through the power of ideas and educating your market.

I thrive on sharing my knowledge and have a unique knack for helping business and individuals tap into their marketing, branding and business potential.

I’m all about education, harnessing my background as a professional educator to empower others through knowledge and understanding to do the same.

I’ve been told I have an incredible eye for visual content and a talent for simplifying complex topics to help business owners build their profile, their brand, and their expertise..


As a Marketing Consultant, I have over 20 years of experience in the marketing arena which I share through the power of the Enever Group Impact Team.

We work with you to market your business and create impact via strategic marketing and automation tools, to allow you more time to do what you do well, which is run your business.

With thought behind each and every campaign, we work with you to clear the confusion and manage the media, marketing and promotional opportunities for your business.

From one-off campaigns to our virtual marketing, our Impact Team is your partner for achieving success in your business.

An imaginative consultancy, we adapt quickly to the rapidly changing digital environment as well as engaging our clients in traditional marketing campaigns tailored to their specific needs.

The Marketing Circle

The Marketing Circle is my inner circle and a community where you get to work with me on all things marketing in a group environment.

Designed to provide you with resources and real, easy-to-implement strategies, your membership is packed full of courses and how-tos to help you succeed. And you’ll also have expertise readily at hand.

Marketing Circle Members get access to My Course Library on Thinkific, a Q&A Session with me each month PLUS a How to Webinar each month.

Marketing Circle Members are also supported through a dedicated Facebook Group for all things marketing.

There are Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Membership Options.

“Marketing is the conversation you have with your customer. It’s vital you make that conversation count.”

Book a Marketing Session with Me

Sometimes all you need is a brainstorming or a little clarity which we can do in a one-off session. I offer both 30 and 60 Minute Sessions which you can book on my calendar.

Sessions are run via Zoom and recorded so you can replay and come back and watch them as needed.

Workshops Webinars and Challenges

Latest Marketing Tips from Me

14 Blog Content Ideas for Small Businesses

14 Blog Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Blogging can be a hugely powerful way to connect with current customers and engage new ones. But as many business owners will tell you, it can be a challenge to come up with great blog content ideas that consistently engage your audience.

The reality is there is great blog content inspiration to be found everywhere in your business – from the questions customers ask, to an insight into why you do what you do.

So let’s look at 14 blog content ideas that will have you churning out topical, engaging and informative content year after year.

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Create Content Outlines for Your Blogs, Videos and Podcasts in Minutes with Bramework

Create Content Outlines for Your Blogs, Videos and Podcasts in Minutes with Bramework

Content is king of the digital world. Yes, that still stands true to this day. Content drives traffic to your website, generates leads, and improves conversion rates.

But content that can achieve all that requires an amount of work and consistency. This is where most content creators run into several roadblocks.

When you’re creating blogs and other content regularly, it can often feel like you are repeating the same information over and over; and there are only so many ways you can say the same thing.

It’s not unusual to experience writer’s block, whether you’re a professional writer or writing for your own business but what if we could generate content outlines in minutes to inspire us?

We can with Bramework. 

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Public Relations Plan in Place

7 Reasons Why You Need a Public Relations Plan in Place

Public relations is all about consistency. You need to consistently reach out to the media to have your story told, and you need to consistently identify stories within your business and brand which you can share with the media.

The key to creating that consistency is having a comprehensive PR plan, which looks at the topics you can cover within your business, the key dates when you should release content, and the possible external events you can react to as part of a public relations strategy.

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I would love to help you take your ideas to market. All relationships start with a conversation, so the best way for us to start ours is for you to book a discovery call with me.

However if you prefer email we can start with you adding your details below.


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