I am very excited to share with you the Presale launch of my first book.

I have opened up my little red (black book) to share with you tips and ideas for DIY PR and marketing for your business.

Meet the “Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips”

Media Connections founder Linda Reed-Enever has written the first book in her Little series the Linda Reed-Enever’s of PR Tips.

Those who know Linda will tell you; her little black book of PR has always been red! Linda is opening up her black book and sharing her tips with business owners wishing to reach the media.

The Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips is a go to guide for those starting out in DIY PR and for business owners wishing to learn a new trick our two for their business.

Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips covers the basics from working with the media from getting started to what to do after you have secured an interview.

Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips covers:

  • Getting Started
  • The makeup of Media Releases
  • Times in Business Where You Could Write a Media Release and Media Release Ideas
  • Checklists for your media campaigns and more

Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips  will RRP for $22.95 Get your Presale Copy of the Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips  for just $17.95 plus P+H.

Get your copy now: https://lindareedenever.com.au/product-category/little-red-book-series/