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I thrive on sharing my knowledge and have a unique knack for helping business and individuals tap into their marketing, branding and business potential.

I’m all about education, harnessing my background as a professional educator to empower others through knowledge and understanding to do the same.

You can learn with me through my courses, workshops, challenges, books and memberships

    The Marketing Circle

    The Marketing Circle is my inner circle community where you get to work with me on all things marketing in a group environment.

    Designed to provide you with resources and real, easy-to-implement strategies, your membership is packed full of courses and how-to’s to help you succeed. And you’ll also have expertise readily at hand.

    Marketing Circle Members get access to My Course Library on Thinkific, a Q&A Session with me each month PLUS a How to Webinar each month.

    Marketing Circle Members are also supported through a dedicated Facebook Group for all things marketing.

    There are Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Membership Options.


    “When you commit to your love of learning, you open the door to boundless business opportunities.”

    Webinars on Demand

    Webinars on Demand delivers webinars to you when you want them, from both myself and my Business Strategist husband Clive Enever.

    Webinars on Demand are practical skills-based webinars.

    The full webinar on-demand library is available when you want to watch them. This means you can tune in when you can, not when you “have” to.

    Learn with me via Courses

    5 Minute Marketing

    5 Minute Marketing is about making the most of those tiny intervals that pop up in our business day. It’s about setting good foundations in the knowledge that small steps add up.

    Make Marketing Part of Your Day
    Broken down into weeks the 5 Minute Marketing Ideas and activities are designed for you to incorporate them into your day.

    Blogging for Business

    Blogging is part of marketing life now, and in days gone by blogging for business was something only the big guys did. But now in the digital world blogging as a marketing tool is now in reach of all small businesses.

    In the Blogging for Business eCourse, we will look at blogging as part of your marketing strategy, ideas, what should be in a blog, how to’s and more.

    Facebook for Business

    In this course, I look forward to sharing with you my years of experience running business pages, along with the insight I have derived from running my own personal brand and profile on Facebook. 

    We look at how to optimise your profile for Facebook, how to optimise your business page for Facebook as well as how to be a good member of the Facebook community. We will also investigate how to make the most of Facebook groups when it comes to social networking and the opportunities available to your business.

    How to Write a Media Release

    Media and Press Releases form part of every business toolkit and in this course I will share with you insider tips on how to write a media release for your business.

    The class project is for you to draft your very own release, using the release framework and checklists in the course which I will review for you!

    So, get your note pad ready and let’s look at how you can write a media release for your business

    The P's of Podcasting

    Podcasting world comes down to the Podcasting P’s

    I will share with you the processes, procedures and protocols of podcasting, drawing on the planning, tools and platforms the Enever Group Team use when creating podcasts both in-house and with clients.

    The program will help you confidently start, launch, and market your podcast as you tap into each P and it’s power when it comes to Podcasting.

    Workshops Webinars and Challenges

    Tickets Available

    Join Linda in this webinar to learn how to harness the powerful marketing tools of Facebook so you can grow and market your business. Read More »

    Latest Tips from Me

    Grow Your Audience Through Blogging

    Grow Your Audience Through Blogging

    One of my favourite techniques when it comes to Education Marketing is using blogging. The wonderful thing about blogging is that it allows us to educate our audience through different mediums. We can use video, podcasts and show notes, infographics, and of course, the written word.

    read more
    Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Business

    Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Business

    As a marketing strategist, evergreen content is one of my favorite topics when it comes to creating content. The power of evergreen content plays a key role for your business. It helps your marketing, promotions, social media, video, and other essential aspects where content is important for growth in your business.

    read more
    Tools to help you manage Your Brand on Social Media

    Tools to help you manage Your Brand on Social Media

    Social media is essential to every business, but from creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the tasks business owners need to do on a daily basis.
    Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. It is important that we use these tools to make the most of our time, our presence, and our brand on social media.

    read more

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