Currently, I am working on a New Course for those looking to build a Facebook Group for their business.

Facebook Groups can be a great place for people to come together around a combined subject or cause. Groups can be built around:

  • a topic or subject in your industry
  • a mastermind
  • a community cause
  • a group of paid members for a program or service.

In this course, I share with you my how to’s and my top tips for creating a Facebook Community from my experience as a group admin and the founder of Business Business Business

Launching on March 6th currently Creating Communities with Facebook Groups is on Presale for just $99.00

Save $100 and enrol in Creating Communities for just $99

A fantastic resource, jam-packed with content

I wasn't sure what to expect with this but I'm genuinely impressed with the range of topics covered. There's everything from PR to social media and so on - what's really impressive is how well covered each topic area is. You don't just get an outline of what each is but you're given easy to follow demonstrations that help you to run through the various tools used. I also really love the handy tipsheets. I'm sure I'll be visiting this course again and again in time.


A quick and easy to consume course. Thanks Linda!


I LOVED the course - Linda packed so much juicy info into her videos and the framework file provided was fantastic too


I loved this course which provided me with enough information to get my head around press releases and PR. All the Chapters were short and to the point and easy to fit into my day.