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How to Market a Business with Little or no Budget

I remember those start-up days of each of our businesses fondly as the idea grew from a seed and came to life and each time we launch a new venture I am reminded what it is like to Market a Business with Little or no Budget.

Starting in business is a very exciting time, especially if it is your venture into entrepreneurship.

Along with starting your business comes costs, and while we would all love to have the marketing budget of a Fortune 500 company, sadly that is rarely the case and most of us begin to Market a Business with Little or no Budget.

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Do I have to Be The Face of My Business?

Do I have to put my face out there and be the face of my business? is a question that most business owners will ask themselves and one that I get asked as a marketing and ideas strategist regularly.

The Answer is YES and let me explain WHY.

Being the face of your brand allows you to build that connection with your audience; it makes your brand more familiar, approachable, and authentic. If you are able to control your brand’s image and the narrative around your story, that puts you in an incredibly powerful position to connect and attract the right people you want to work with.

We have are great at coming up with plenty of reasons not to: your hair isn’t looking great, you’ve had a bad night, it’s a stressful time, but it is these things that connect you to your audience.

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Blog Writing for PR tapping into the power of Blogging

Blog writing is an essential element of any PR strategy, and it offers a host of benefits to businesses that choose to embrace it.

Like any PR, it should be done regularly with a new blog post weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
As it’s placed on your own website, a company blog offers you complete control of what you want to say, when, and how you wish to say it.

It brings with it Search, SEO and credibility too

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