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5 Minute Marketing is making most of those 5 Minute Intervals that pop in our business day. The 5 Minute Marketing Technique all starts with the right mindset and finding 5 Minute slots in your Day. 

The 5 Minute Mindset:

  • You might not finish what you start BUT you will have a foundation to work on
  • Not all ideas will be brilliant, but writing them down allows you to identify the gems
  • Look for 5 minute windows in your day
  • Stick to 5 minutes.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Keep your expectations real – this is 5 minutes of inspiration.
  • Small steps add up

Need to find 5 minutes in your day?

Try this.... For 1-2 weeks, write down what you did each day and how long it took. Every email, phone call, meeting, every distraction these are where your 5 Minute Marketing blocks lie. 

For example:

  • Every day from 8:00 - 8:30, you checked personal email, you got distracted by Facebook and then you decided it was time to start work.
  • Another 20 minutes was spent crafting an internal email that could have been communicated more effectively with a 5-minute phone call.
  • Or conversely, the call to that chatty vendor would be more efficiently handled with an email.

These things add up quickly. Some things are necessary but could be done more efficiently and others could be eliminated altogether, giving you the 5 Minutes for Marketing that you need. 


Make marketing part of your day with the 5 Minute Marketing ideas card series, by Linda Reed-Enever.

Designed to carry with you, or sit as a reminder on your desk the 5 Minute Marketing Ideas deck contains 50 cards each with an idea you can action using 5 Minute slots you find in your business day.

The 5 Minute Marketing Ideas deck is designed to encourage you to take action in small bursts for your business to make marketing part of your day.


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