I love what I do. I know everyone says that but in my case it is true. PR and Marketing is a career that found me because it was what I was meant to do.

As the founder of Business Business Business, Media Connections and Director at Thoughtspot PR, each day I get to connect with business owners and help them share their story.

They say an entrepreneur is a person who solves a problem and that’s been the driving force behind Business Business Business, Media Connections and ThoughtSpot PR. Each has a focus on connecting business to the tools and resources they require to make their mark. I’ve always enjoyed working with people, networking and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in the business world.

In 2014 this led me to found Business Business Business, an online resource and networking site which employs my passion and strengths uniting business with opportunity, and the right resources at the right time.

Initially a Facebook group, it is now a seminal business website where over 20,000 members share their experience and seek information to guide their business journey. And it was born from my own experience in the small business realm.

In 2012 I launched ThoughtSpot PR, offering business owners and entrepreneurs a personalised PR solution that utilised different thinking. It was founded on a commitment to finding individual public relations methods and branding to suit their needs.

The success I’ve enjoyed in this field has seen me labelled the “go to” girl. It also led to the creation of Media Connections www.mediaconections.com.au, where the media can easily connect with the stories businesses have to tell.

I’m one of those people who wakes in the night with bright ideas and who ponders issues until they’re resolved.

In all three of my business ideas, connections and telling stories are key!

To work with me on your business branding and marketing, you can contact me here, or become part of the growing Business Business Business community.

PR and Marketing Coach

Standing out from the crowd in today’s noisy internet-driven world is a major challenge for business. ThoughtSpot PR specialises in finding that point of difference. I’ll work with you to find the voice that sees your message clearly heard using traditional means, innovative marketing channels and new technology.


Whether it’s video tutorials, coaching or a mentoring session that allows a client to move forward and take action, sharing skills and educating is an important element of the work I do. Having seen the common struggles of business and lived the challenges myself, I thrive on sharing the expertise that takes business to the next level.

Guest Speaker

As an entrepreneur, successful business operator and PR and marketing mentor, I have a wealth of insight into the challenges, solutions and innovative avenues for business branding, marketing and networking. I’m known as a lively guest speaker who inspires action from attendees at any event.  


The valuable insight acquired working in public relations and with business can be found in my series of published books and resources. These range from e-books to workbooks including the Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas, along with my popular book of PR Tips.

Since I started working with Linda my business has doubled.
Not only is Linda an expert in what works, she also knows what does not work and isn’t afraid to tell you!
Her generosity with her time, knowledge and expertise is unmatched.
Linda’s resources have been among the best business investments I have ever made.

Rebecca Caroll Bell

Director, The Every Day Mediator

There are so many people who could work on my business but I feel extremely fortunate I chose Linda. Not only does she get me and what I want to achieve but also ‘why’. I am at the start of my journey on so many levels and have total confidence it will be fun and professional all the way.

Brigid Price

Founder, Rural Rescources

Knowledge, Business Know-How, and Passion would be the three phrases/words I would use to describe Linda! It’s these three traits which make her a dream to work with. Since working on our first JV marketing campaign we saw a huge uptake and from there I’ve never looked back! So glad I’ve got the opportunity to work with you!

Paddy McGill

Channel Manager, Thinkific

In the world of media and communications, Linda truly stands out from the crowd. She cares deeply about what she does, and not only has an excellent understanding of all facets of media, but is also at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape.  As a journalist, I liaise with hundreds of media and communication professionals – Linda is in a league of her own.

Kristy Mayr

Journalist, Channel 7 News