A Snapshot of an IVF Journey

I was going through my PC and found my notes and steps on my IVF Journey that went with a blog I had. I thought I would share it with you so you have an idea of what an IVF journey is like and how Miss C made it into the world!
We shared our TTC through ICSI at City IVF and love the team. And after 6 cycles 5 stims and a 10 week scare our dream came true.
We have had spotting to full on bleeds and this little girl has hung on tight to her Mum for which I will be forever grateful!
I hope my history/story/journey gives someone the hope the need it really makes me believe magic does happen and miracles are real.
Our ICSI and Preg Journey:
July 06 – First FS Visit
Sept 06- First ERT and ET BFN – 5 embies to frozen
Nov 06 – Cancelled FET – none survived the thaw (heartache and not knowing why)
Jan 07 – FS put me back on the pill bleed for 6 weeks due for ET in March but decided to change FS
Mar 07 – Visit with Dr Das he and his team are excellent
April 07 – Full ERT and ET 1 embie and transferred
July 07 – Feng Shui specialist prepped house for baby started alternative hunt for symbols and rituals
Aug 07 – Planning visit moved to 12th September
Sept 07 – 12th September planning visit for October Cycle and Baby
Oct 07 – Early MC at 5 weeks (disappointing but 1 step closer)
March 08 – Lap endo found and gone now we have answers
April/May – BFN Stim Cycle – No Embies Left
June – Started the Pill for July cycle
July – Operation Make DH a Daddy Success BFP
12th September 08 Baby Tigger gave us a major scare!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but just a major clot
16th Of September meeting with FS and bubs was there! Yay!!!!
17th November – 20 Week Scan we are expecting a Girl
15th Jan 1 Hour GTT is 8.1 2 hour test here we come
17th Jan Midwife visit and she is moving very well just likes a weird postion!!!
19th Jan 09 Gtt is neg
9th Feb Booked CS for the 31st March
31st March – Miss Charlotte Arrive

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  1. Emma

    I’m a huge fan of IVF. Some of the most important babies in my life have been conceived this way. xoxoxo Thanks for sharing, Linda.


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