The 5 Minute Marketing Toolkit

Social Media and Marketing can be very demanding for business owners.

While we would all like to have a large marketing team and budget that is not always possible, and even if we did, tools and automation make the process easier.

When it comes to 5 Minute Marketing and making the most of those 5 Minutes of time, automation tools are your friend!

In the 5 Minute Marketing Cards in some of the tips I reference tools that can help you with 5 Minute Marketing and here is the list to support the cards aka the 5 Minute Marketing Toolkit! (You don’t need the cards to use these tools but they certainly will help you with ideas)

The 5 Minute Mindset

  • You might not finish what you start BUT you will have a foundation to work on
  • Not all ideas will be brilliant, but writing them down allows you to identify the gems
  • Look for 5 minute windows in your day
  • Stick to 5 minutes.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Keep your expectations real – this is 5 minutes of inspiration.
  • Small steps add up

So Let’s explore some tools you can put in your 5 Minute Marketing Toolkit!


5 Minute Marketing Automation Tools:

  • MeetEgdar: Is your evergreen content sharing friend for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn automating your social media posts
  • Loomly: Is another great programming tool for Social Media to help you share your message.
  • Missinglettr: Takes your blog post and creates 12 Months worth of social media content for you. 
  • Rev.Com for transcribing your audio files and captioning your videos.
  • For taking your Facebook Live Videos or Podcasts and turning them into YouTube content
  • Later: Spend less time posting to Instagram and more time growing your business. Intuitive and easy to use, you can start scheduling Instagram posts in minutes. No notifications required! Auto Publish is available for Instagram business profile.
  • Tailwind:  Is a great app that can do both Instagram and Pinterest planning a great use of 5 minutes
  • Google Talk to Type: To talk out your ideas and turn them into text
  • Google Alerts: So you know when you are mentioned on the web

5 Minute Marketing Image Creation Tools:

  • Canva: Great for setting up your branded images on both desktop and the phone
  • Easil: Is a the DIY design secret weapon with easy to use brand tools will ensure your designs are used in the right way by your team, every time.
  • Wordswag: WordSwag allows you to create beautiful custom text layouts with images that would normally take minutes – or even hours – with just a tap.

5 Minute Marketing Video Tools:

  • Lumen5: Takes your blog post and create a video from the text using stock images and video
  • Animoto: Animoto have amazing Templates that you can use to with your own images or their stock library to make video making super easy!
  • Headliner App: If you are podcaster you are going to love this app. Take snippets of your episodes to promote it as a video.

Other 5 Minute Marketing Tools:

  • Wisestamp: Is for email signatures that standout and market your business
  • Quuu Promote Have others share your top blog posts with Quuu Promote and/or find content you can share too!

Some of the links in this post are to our affiliate partners and we like the product so much we partnered with them. It does not affect my recommendation of the tool all views in the post are my own and genuine.

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  1. Uwe Jacobs

    GR8 Tips, GR8 resource, thanks heaps. Very interesting how much you “automate” your Social Media


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