Start the year on the right marketing foot and keep the momentum going with the 52-Week Marketing Challenge for 2018.

Each week together we will look at a new task or idea to market your business.

We will walk through the ins and outs of marketing week-by-week, with tips, simple exercises and proven marketing strategies that you can roll out in your business across the year.

From demystifying the media to blogging, media releases, email marketing and social media, all the major marketing spheres are covered to show you how and when to use the best techniques to the best effect.

The course is designed to provide you with resources and real, easy-to-implement strategies. You’ll also have expertise readily at hand. Members will be part of a private Facebook group where I’m available to offer advice and we can meet, discuss ideas and bounce fresh strategies off each other.

Designed to make marketing easy and consistent to build your business profile and brand throughout the year. The Facebook Group is already live with a host of tips available for those looking to get the jump on the New Year, and there’s an Early Bird special to suit.

If you join before December 1, (2017) I’m also offering a personal brainstorming call, with me, in January to kick start your marketing for 2018. (These calls are normally $195.00)

Whether you’re starting out or honing your brand, the 52-Week Marketing Challenge is THE course for busy business owners looking to take their marketing and brand recognition up a notch.

Space is limited to ensure all of the businesses taking part get access to me to ask questions and get feedback about the tasks.

I look forward to marketing your business with you in 2018.

Challenge Members Get:

  • A New Challenge to explore to help you market your business each week
  • Access to me via our Private Facebook Group for the challenge
  • Access to our Facebook Groups Themes Calendar
  • A copy of the Media Marketing and Promotions Planner
  • My Little Red Book of Release Ideas eBook
  • My Interview Tipsheet
  • The Copywriting Tipsheet
  • Video Tips and How to’s to step you through the challenge
  • The Marketing Toolkit full of the tools we use to market our businesses

Join the Challenge and Market your Business with Me

Save $100 Early Bird spots are just $495


A fantastic resource, jam-packed with content

I wasn't sure what to expect with this but I'm genuinely impressed with the range of topics covered. There's everything from PR to social media and so on - what's really impressive is how well covered each topic area is. You don't just get an outline of what each is but you're given easy to follow demonstrations that help you to run through the various tools used. I also really love the handy tipsheets. I'm sure I'll be visiting this course again and again in time.


A quick and easy to consume course. Thanks Linda!


I LOVED the course - Linda packed so much juicy info into her videos and the framework file provided was fantastic too


I loved this course which provided me with enough information to get my head around press releases and PR. All the Chapters were short and to the point and easy to fit into my day.